A Match with Andre Agassi


Planning a 40th birthday is a whole different beast than one's 30th, and for that reason, IfOnly has a few ideas. You could set sail for the edge of the worldwhile benefiting eco fund Lindblad-National Geographic.


Or, you could go on a very fast ridefunding Haitian Relief.


Or, treat your loved ones to an exquisite feast for Tipping Point.


Or, as one of our clients did, challenge your childhood hero to a friendly game on his court.


Our client, a Londoner, enlisted IfOnly as his personal concierge to create an unforgettable trip halfway across the world. There, he met the town’s most prominent’s locals: tennis power couple Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf who donated a portion of the sales to Children for Tomorrow. Having never ventured to Las Vegas, which can be an overwhelming city to the uninitiated, everything was taken care of: dinners at critically acclaimed restaurants, a suite with the best view of the Strip, customized wine tastings, and backstage access to the most transportive of shows. And yet, all these experiences were only openers to the main event.


On the day of the match, it was sunny with a bit of breeze. Andre and Stefanie met our client and his wife on the court. There were pointers on how to swing, a friendly game of doubles, and one very special moment — one play that will be recounted with relish over countless drinks and dinners. It was a point scored over Andre. The champion took it in stride, and after the session, he worked with the pro shop on hand-selecting a racquet for our client's style of swing as a memento of their time together.


The lesson of 40th birthday planning: when in doubt, go big, of course, and more importantly, make it memorable. And should your experience involve a match of skill, make sure there's evidence, as in this highlight reel. IfOnly had arranged for Andre's personal videographer to be on site. Watch the resulting video here.


Plotting a big birthday that will top all others? Enlist IfOnly’s Concierge as your partner in crime. Call (415) 376-4640 or email concierge@ifonly.com. For a private clinic with Andre Agassi or Stefanie Graff, go here.