Shania Kids Can Charity Spotlight


"We are all socially responsible to identify these children and provide a multi-layered working solution to support these vulnerable, scared, at-risk kids. If we continue to ignore this, the communities we all live in suffer the consequences of crime and social services overload as they grow into adults.“ - Shania Twain, Founder, Shania Kids Can


For the past nine years, the Shania Kids Can Charity has been positively impacting the lives of young, developing children across the North American Continent. Led by the queen of country-pop music, Shania Twain, this charity has successfully created clubhouses within elementary schools to help create sanctuaries of learning and creativity for children. 


Shania Kids Can builds these clubhouses, furnishes them, and staffs them with individuals who will help guide and support the students who participate in the program. They provide academic support for struggling students, nutritious meals and snacks, school supplies, and enriching activities. These activities include music, writing, and more artistic development to help each student explore their creativity and passions. The hope of these clubhouses is to ensure these kids have a chance for success in life and to provide the tools they need to achieve it. 




As these clubhouses have been implemented in several schools, it was impossible to not notice all of the positive changes that stemmed from them. In fact, a study showed that 72% of the children involved had an increased positive attitude towards school and a 75% increase in social behavior. With these positive changes underway, Shania Kids Can is excited to see what the future holds for the program and the children involved!


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