Fighting for Clean Water


It is fair to say that many of us in the western world take clean water for granted. While unfortunate events like the Flint Water Crisis shed light on how dangerous pollution enters our drinking water in the United States, roughly 780 million people around the world struggle to gain access to clean water on a daily basis.


Lack of access to water impacts every aspect of life, from basic hygiene, to education, as well as the spread of disease and death.


While this seems dire, there are wonderful organizations helping to improve water sources around the globe. Waterkeeper Alliance, one of our charity partners, is the largest and fastest growing nonprofit solely focused on clean water. They work to connect local Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates worldwide with the goal of drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere.


Their work has led to over 2.4 million square miles of protected water across the globe. Their focus on clean water looks at all of the potential polluting sources and how to mitigate and replace those with environmentally sustainable resources. This year, their campaigns focus on clean and safe energy, clean water defense, and making sure farms are in compliance with environmental laws.



We are proud to help support Waterkeeper Alliance initiatives and raise funds for their cause through experiences on IfOnly. We have a network of luminaries in film, music, and more who have come together to offer incredible opportunities enabling you to help support this cause.


It’s easy to make a difference in the quest for global clean water. Looking to get more involved with Waterkeeper Alliance? Sign their petition to keep the Clean Water Act in place by signing up here.