7 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List


It doesn’t matter how old you may get, summer always seems to bring the promise and allure of awaiting adventures to be had. Although we often create long, detailed lists of things we’re “actually” going to get around to doing this year, we rarely put those dreams into action. This summer, it’s time to make that change. To help, we’ve compiled a list of 7 things everyone should have on their bucket list for this summer. 



1. Go on a picnic

Who said picnics were for your childhood? Grab a group of your best friends, some lawn games, a giant blanket, and your favorite dishes for an afternoon in the park you’ll never forget. (Click here for picnic experiences



2. Get in tune with mother nature

The sun is basically beckoning you to get outside and explore! Try a new hike you’ve heard about, go swimming in the lake, rent a kayak for an afternoon, or even just go for a walk around the park. You just might be surprised what you’ll find! (Click here for outdoor experiences



3. Spend a day being a tourist in your own city

See your home from a brand-new perspective as you tour the main sites and attractions. It’s never too late to fall in love with your city all over again. (Click here for a list of experiences by city)



4. Learn a new art form

Get crafty! Sign up for an art class with some friends, hit up an art supply store, or even just start sketching in your free time. You just might find a new passion you never knew you had. (Click here for artisan experiences)



5. Master the perfect summer cocktail

Escape the heat and entertain your friends with a wide variety of new cocktail recipes. If you’re feeling confident, try creating your very own concoction! (Click here for cocktail experiences)



6. Go to a concert

Sing your heart out at an outdoor concert surrounded by smiling faces. Whether it’s a local gig or a huge production, you’re sure to make memories you’ll never forget. (Click here for exclusive concert tickets)



7. Take a road trip

Hit the road in search of adventure. Select a new city you want to explore, plan out some activities, and create the playlist for a car jam sesh! The memories you make along the way just might outweigh the actual sights you see!


Whatever you plan on attempting this summer, we wish you the best of luck! Be sure to check out all of our unique experiences when trying to pick what to add to your summer bucket list this year!